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avatar for Klondike (collective)

Klondike (collective)

Klondike is a ten people french art collective founded in 2012.
avatar for Chris Priestman (Killscreen)

Chris Priestman (Killscreen)

Warp Door
Web editor at Kill Screen / Founder
avatar for Julian Benson (Kotaku)

Julian Benson (Kotaku)

Kotaku UK
News Editor
avatar for Fakhra AlMansouri

Fakhra AlMansouri

Founder and CEO of Hybrid Humans, the first independent game studio in Abu Dhabi, UAE
avatar for Michel Ancel

Michel Ancel

Father of Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil, founder of Wild Sheep (WiLD)
avatar for Marion Bareil

Marion Bareil

Co – fondatrice / Directrice de création Tourmaline Studio
avatar for Antoine Bauza

Antoine Bauza

Auteur de jeux de société, dont "7 Wonders" ou "Pony express"
avatar for Nicolae Berbece

Nicolae Berbece

Designer and founded of "Those Awesome Guys"
avatar for Frédéric Coispeau

Frédéric Coispeau

Co founder of "Le Cartel" / Game designer on "Mother Russia Bleeds"
avatar for Luke Crane

Luke Crane

Head of Games at Kickstarter
avatar for Yoan Fanise

Yoan Fanise

Digixart Entertainment - CEO&Creative Director
avatar for Holly Gramazio

Holly Gramazio

Half of Matheson Marcault
avatar for Juan Gril

Juan Gril

Joju Games
Studio Manager
avatar for Kate Gray (The Guardian)

Kate Gray (The Guardian)

The Guardian, Waypoint, RPS and many many more
Games writer
avatar for Julie Heyde

Julie Heyde

#ChickenBitch @VRunicorns - #SelfieTennis, #Archery & #SkiJump
avatar for Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail

Rami Ismail is the Business & Development Guy at Vlambeer
avatar for Veve Jaffa

Veve Jaffa

avatar for Anna Kipnis

Anna Kipnis

Senior Gameplay Programmer at Double Fine
avatar for Diane Landais

Diane Landais

Co-founders of Accidental Queens, author of "A normal lost phone"
avatar for Audrey Leprince

Audrey Leprince

Co-founder and President of The Game Bakers

Olivier Madiba

Founder, game designer and programmer at KIRO'O GAMES (Cameroon)
avatar for Elizabeth Maler

Elizabeth Maler

Co-founders of Accidental Queens, author of "A normal lost phone"
avatar for Etienne Mineur

Etienne Mineur

Co-founder and Creative director of Volumique
avatar for Matt Nava

Matt Nava

Creative Director and Co-Founder of Giant Squid. Former Art Director at thatgamecompany (Flower and Journey).
avatar for Thomas Reisenegger

Thomas Reisenegger

ICO Partners
PR Manager
avatar for Rémy Sohier

Rémy Sohier

Digital artist at Alineaire collective
avatar for Mike Diver (Waypoint by VICE)

Mike Diver (Waypoint by VICE)

Senior Editor