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Workshop: Game Design [clear filter]
Friday, November 18


DES1) Burn the keyboard !

Most digital experiences are confined to keyboard, mouse and gamepad, or with complicated and expensive electronics. In this workshop, you will find out how remarkably easy it is to build something physical, that can interact with games and all other interactive jazz. With inexpensive raw materials like arcade buttons, joysticks, duct tape and cardboard, together we will create three custom controllers. After an introduction and a short talk about existing projects, you’ll get to designing and building something unique, and the workshop hosts will be there to help you out when things get too technical. Let’s build a racecar, a joystick-cowboy-hat, maybe just the world’s largest joystick,… or whatever we come up with.

avatar for Copenhagen Game Collective

Copenhagen Game Collective

A multi-gender, multi-national, non-profit game design collective based in Copenhagen, Denmark


DES1) Analog Design Workshop
Analog games present a unique creative challenge to game designers, but also offer endless opportunities for innovation. In this workshop, Dr. Pearce will present a play and affordance-based approach to working with physical materials, with and without electronics.

avatar for Celia Pearce

Celia Pearce

Celia Pearce is a game designer, artist, researcher, teacher and curator. She currently holds a position as an Associate Professor of Game Design at Boston’s Northeastern University. She is also co-founder of IndieCade. Her games have been featured at Different Games,  Incubate... Read More →


DES2) Game Design Microtalks

The freedom to experiment is one of the strengths of indie developers. During this microtalk panel, indie developers talk about unique design challenges and their methods for solving them. Topics range from procedural world and soundtrack generation to creating games, turning design issues into features, and crafting games about personal experiences

avatar for Chris DeLeon

Chris DeLeon

Chris has been making games for 20 years. He's worked with startups and AAA games, taught game creation at Georgia Tech, and spoken at more than 10 conferences (including GDC, IndieCade, and SIEGE). Over 90,000 students have gone through his online courses, and he's done countless... Read More →

avatar for François Alliot

François Alliot

François Alliot is a game developer, he created the studio Nerial 3 years ago. Through Nerial,he has worked on 5 games : Singular (a bubble paper puzzle game), Magic Shot (aprocedurally generated French billiards game), Passengers (a migrant smugglersatire management), Devouring... Read More →
avatar for Alex Camilleri

Alex Camilleri

Alex Camilleri is an Italian game designer currently living in Sweden. He developed and released Memoir En Code: Reissue with the goal of exploring autobiography in games. Alex is currently experimenting with new ideas that are historically and culturally inspired by his background... Read More →
avatar for Alina Constantin

Alina Constantin

Filmmaker, artist and game designer at Tiny Red Camel, Alina is the creator behind an awarded animated environmental storyworld for films, games and performances called Shrug Island. She has experience from community organizing to as far as strawbale building. Having spent her life... Read More →
avatar for Cristian Diaconescu

Cristian Diaconescu

Cristi is the Creative Director at Sand Sailor Studio, based in Bucharest, Romania. The studio is currently working on the communist adventure-puzzle: Black The Fall. During this talk, Cristi will discuss about emotion driven game design, inspired by the world around us. Moving to... Read More →
avatar for Jeroen Janssen

Jeroen Janssen

Jeroen Janssen is a game designer at Happy Volcano. The studio is working on Winter, a narrative exploration game, and paired up with a 'traditional' book and theatre author for the story. In this talk Janssen will talk about how they got the writer from sentence by sentence, page... Read More →
avatar for Torreng Labs

Torreng Labs

Torreng Labs is an indie game studio from Turkey and founded by a team of four people who like creating games and cool stuffs. Torreng Labs published their first indie title Fabric, a first person puzzle game with a unique space-time bending mechanic where you manipulate the envi... Read More →
avatar for We Are Müesli

We Are Müesli

We Are Müesli is an Italian indie game design duo made up of visual designer Claudia Molinari and creative writer Matteo Pozzi. Since 2013, Claudia and Matteo have been focusing on award-winning "unconventional storytelling" games rooted in cultural, historical and artistic topics... Read More →
avatar for Thierry Platon

Thierry Platon

Thierry created his first game, Ranx, in 1986 for Ubisoft before joining Infogrames as head project manager. In 2004, he co-founded BiP media studio (Viking Invasion 1 & 2, Tiny Token Empires), and finally took the head of game production on PC, mobiles and game consoles. Thierry... Read More →
avatar for Julien Ribassin

Julien Ribassin

Julien Ribassin is a video game designer, composer and programmer living in Sapporo, Japan. Since he couldn't find any partners to play experimental music in Japan's northern territories, he decided to create them in video games. His most recent project is illumine, a non-violent... Read More →


DES2) Unexplored Countries: Discovering New Aesthetics in Game Design

This talk and workshop will focus on recent trends in game design aesthetics, including the “neo-pastoralist” aesthetic of games such as Walden, Mountain and Proteus. After the talk, workshop participants will organize in groups to discuss and speculate upon possible unexplored aesthetics for interactive experience.


William Huber

I’m a writer, lecturer and researcher on the aesthetics and theory of games, media and software. I am currently the head of the Centre for Excellence in Game Education at Abertay University, in Dundee, Scotland, where I work on developing game education as a new and evolving... Read More →

Saturday, November 19


DES3) Introduction to Mise en Scène of Gameplay
What is the mise-en-scene in a game? In movies it’s the way we use certain means to serve an intention; for instance relaying narrative, an emotion, or a message. In the case of film, the list of means varies but includes design aspects like set design, lighting, acting, and costumes. In this workshop, we will explore this list of means for game design.  We will particularly focus on signs and feedbacks as a core means to establish the gameplay vocabulary with the player.

avatar for Emmanuel Guardiola

Emmanuel Guardiola

An expert in game design methodologies, Emmanuel Guardiola is a veteran of video game industry (30 titles released for publishers and independent studios). A PhD in computer science, he drives research on player psychological profiling at the Cologne Game Lab.  His works are... Read More →